Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Current Works in Progress

Much of my work here to date has taken the form of writings and sketches. Now that I live more permanently in Reykjavik, with an apartment of my own, I can focus on making these ideas come to life.

I posted a drawing of this idea quite some time ago and have been collecting items for this smaller version while I've been in Reykjavik. The original idea was for a much larger work, which is still a possibility, but as of now, this piece exists in all of its glory in the middle of my apartment.

It's hard to experience the environment in Iceland without getting the sense that it is alive. A simple concept, the idea is to give life to the rocks that make a wall that line the shore in Reykjavik. By putting trollish feet under rocks that appear to be wandering on to the pedestrian path, these 'creatures' speak to the life of the landscape, the obstacles that the environment can pose, as well as the many mythical creatures that exist in Icelandic culture, some of which turn to stone.

feet maquette


Moss wings concept

Lastly, the town of Skagastrond has expressed interest in a mural to be painted on this house in the town. I am currently trying to organize a meeting among the townspeople to discuss possibilities for the mural. Doing so has proven difficult so far, even though everyone seems very excited about the project. Hopefully, by posting this here, I will be further motivated to make it happen...

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