Saturday, May 30, 2009

worm ring

So my time here in Iceland is quickly nearing its end. With lots on my mind, I recently made one more small piece to help remind me of the simple things in life and what is really important... but don´t worry, its not a real worm.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

responsive existence show

A few other Fulbright grantees and I recently had the opening for our exhibition at the Lost Horse Gallery in Reykjavik. Here is some info and some images of the work and the show.

Tracks, wall paint

Tracks detail

Appliance Pile, appliances and rocks

Walking Rocks, fired clay and rocks
You might be wondering why the walking rocks are included, since they were created to remain in public space. Unfortunately, they lasted two weeks in their original location before they were broken so I decided to reclaim them and put them in the gallery.

Untitled (Electric Tower), steel and electric wire
Hybrid #1, Hybrid #4, Hybrid #5, found steel and vegetation

Hybrid #5 detail