Friday, October 26, 2012

Urban Urchins

Back in the beginning of August I received a grant from Soup N'At, which is an awesome event that funds artists and feeds folks delicious soup! My proposal was to make some small scale creatures to integrate within the urban infrastructure.

It took me some time to get around to it, but here's a bunch of them in their greenware state. I'm excited to get them fired, painted, and out in the world where they will be futzing with electricity in an attempt to stay warm, collecting acorns for the long winter, and digging through our trash, among other things! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled!


Here's my completed piece, Barrels!, for the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh's Tough Art Artist Residency. Check out the other Tough Art artists and their projects here!

Extra barrels? More fire pits!

So after completing Barrels! for the Children's Museum, I had a few extra oil drums sitting around and thought I would try a new idea I had for a shallow fire pit.

We already have a dependable one, however, so feel free to let me know if you have any interest in this guy! Cold weather's on its way and backyard fires with friends is a great way to stay warm!

Tethered Kites in their new home!

I took a road trip with a few pals and installed these kites in their newest location. They're currently outside the children's section of the main public library in Germantown, Tennessee.

They are there as part of the City of Germantown's Public Art Promenade Project.

Porter's Parking Patch (sorry for the delay)

I realized that I never put up any finished images of the pumpkin bike rack... so here are a few pictures of them in their new home in downtown Easton, Pa.

Turns out they are located right near where my grandfather's butcher shop used to be... Pretty crazy.