Saturday, December 6, 2008

November in Akureyri

For the month of November I lived in Akureyri "the capital of the North," Iceland's second largest city with a population of around 17,000. Reykjavik, the largest city, has a population of around 200,000, which makes up for almost two thirds of the entire population of Iceland.

My stay in Akureyri was a nice medium between Reykjavik and the small town of Skagastrond, where I lived in September and October respectively. I lived in a guesthouse with a group of students studying at the university, most of which were also foreigners. We went skiing a few times, played curling twice a week, played soccer twice a week, and went on a few exciting road trips. Good times.

Overlooking Akureyri from across the fjord

Hafnarstraeti, the main street in downtown Akureyri

The main church lit up on a cold night (apparently it's a tradition when in Akureyri to climb and count the steps of the church)

Skiing with a great group of folks at Hlidarfjall, overlooking Akureyri

Inside Kjarnaskogur woods, just south of the city, Iceland's most visited woods.

A little craziness on my solo trip to Myvatn lake to see what I missed the first time around

Dimmuborgir, a crazy lava field with amazing formations, including a pretty intense cave referred to as the church. I arrived late in the afternoon as the sun was setting, making everything super creepy and awesome, but also making it difficult to get good pictures.

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