Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Extreme Sightseeing

After Airwaves, Kate and I rented a car and drove around the east end of Iceland for two days to see all the sights on our way back to Skagastrond (Kate is my roommate in Skagastrond and is also here on a Fulbright grant). It was easily the craziest 36 hours I can remember. Not just because of the sights, but because of the travel problems we encountered when the sun went down. My next post will be a simple time line consisting of all the crazy events that went down. But for this post, I think these pics should be enough. To quote a wise man, Doug Herman, they are "gharlseton chew" or "gnarles in charge" and so on and so forth.

We saw all of this in about 30 hours (with a terrifying night in between)... hence extreme sightseeing.

Seljalandfoss (Absolutely crazy)

A cave/building on the road to Dyrholaey

Black sand beaches at Dyrholaey

Eldhraun (moss covered lave field as far as the eye can see)

Rivers running through Sandur out to sea

Svartifoss from a distance
Jokulsarlor (Also nuts. There were some seals swimming around as well)
Route 1 near Myvatn

Haverarond (purple mud bubble pots)

A crazy rock that screams and spits out steam!

Hverfjall crater near Myvatn


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douglas said...

gnarly davidson, gnarlboro lights, and simon and gnarfunkle are just a few words that describe your awesomeness as well as the awesomeness you have encountered here.